Previous St Catharine’s Political Economy Seminars

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Below are films of some of the most recent speakers, presenting at the seminar series.

4 February 2015 John Weeks ‘Acute Deficit Disorder: Cause, Treatment and Cure’

21 January 2015 Lord Eatwell ‘In combating austerity, pure theory matters’

3 December 2014 Dr Ha-Joon Chang on ‘Framing the Austerity Debate’

Please see below for the list of previous speakers from the St Catharine’s Political Economy Seminars:

DateSpeakerTitle (some links to films, audio & papers included)
13 May 2015Frances Stewart 'The Relative Merits of Alternative Goals of Development: Happiness, Income or Human'
29 April 2015Photis Lysandrou 'The Colonisation of the Future: An Alternative View of Financialisation and its Portents’
25 February 2015Mark Hayes'Keynes,the Pope and the IMF Presentation'
18 February 2015Barry Eichengreen'A Surplus of Ambition: Can Europe Solve its Debt Problems by Running Primary Surpluses?'
4 February 2015John Weeks'Acute Deficit Disorder: Cause, Treatment and Cure'
21 January 2015Lord Eatwell''In combating austerity, pure theory matters'
3 December 2014Dr Ha-Joon Chang'Framing the Austerity Debate'
12 November 2014Robert Skidelsky'The Myth of Austerity’s Success'
22 October 2014 Martin Weale'The Outlook for the British Economy'
15 October 2014 Simon Wren-Lewis'Fiscal Rules and Austerity'
7 May 2014 William Brown'The Use of Supply 'Chain Disruption to Fight for Workers' Rights'
30 April 2014Robert Chote'The Crisis, the 'Consolidation and Britain’s Public Finances'
19 March 2014Steve Fazzari'Inequality, the Great Recession, and Slow Recovery'
05 March 2014Charles Goodhart'Bail-out or Bail-In?'
12 February 2014Vicky Pryce' The Turmoil in the Eurozone: How Might the Fiscal and Debt Impasse be Resolved and what would the Effect be on the UK?'
27 November 2013Özlem Onaran'What Happens to Growth when there is a Global Race to the Bottom in the Share of Labour?'
13 November 2013Stephany Griffith-Jones 'Promoting Investment and Growth in Europe '
30 October 2013Andy Ross'Prudent Fiscal Consolidation Versus 'Reckless Austerity and the Limits of Capitalism'
16 October 2013Kostas Botopoulos'The Politics of Austerity'
15 May 2013Sue Konzelmann'The Political Economics of Austerity'
01 May 2013 Graham Gudgin and Ken Coutts 'Austerity Policies in the UK: Causes, Consequences and Alternatives'
13 March 2013 Meghnad Desai'What Kind of Economics for Austerity?'
27 February 2013 Michelle Baddeley 'Animal Spirits Under Austerity'
13 February 2013Stephanie Sequino 'Stratification and the Hidden Costs of Austerity'
06 February 2013Terry Barker'The Financial Crisis and the World Economy: When Can we Expect a Return to Normal?'
05 December 2012Ben Gardiner, Ron Martin and Peter Tyler'Spatially Unbalanced Growth in the British Economy'
21 November 2012 William Brown'The Use of Supply Chain Disruption to Fight for Workers' Rights'
14 November 2012 Gary Dymski'The Logic and Impossibility of Austerity as a Macroeconomic Policy Prescription'
17 October 2012 Jagjit Chadha'What has Fiscal Consolidation Done for Us?'
02 May 2012Paul Mason'Why It’s Kicking off Everywhere?'
22 February 2012Valpy Fitzgerald'Taxation, Debt and the Economics of Austerity'
08 February 2012 Fernando Ferrari-Filho'Brazil's Response to the 'Great Recession'
1 February 2012Andre Moreira Cunha: 'China’s Response to the Great Recession and its Impact on Latin America'
30 November 2011 Andrew Gamble'Debts and Deficits: the Political Debate in the UK'
09 November 2011Photis Lysandrou'The Impossibility of Debt Intolerance and the 90% Debt Threshold: A Critique of the UK Coalition Government's Rationale for Fiscal Consolidation'
25 May 2011David Miles'Monetary Policy and Financial Stability'
02 March 2011Sheila Dow'Animal Spirits in Times of Austerity'
09 February 2011Karim Abadir'Is the Economic Crisis Over (and Out)?'
02 February 2011 Andrew Sentence'Monetary Policy in Turbulent Times'
17 November 2010 Paul Ormerod'Recessions as Cascades on Networks'
10 November 2010Roy Rotheim'New Keynesian 'Effective Supply Failures: a Post
Keynesian View'
03 November 2010Simon Mohun' A Historical Perspective on the 'Recent Crisis - What Sort of Recovery Can we Expect?'
13 October 2010Bill Martin'Rebalancing in the Dark'
25 May 2010Gillian Tett'Back to the Future? The Outlook for Finance'
05 May 2010Giuseppe Fontana 'Monetary Policy Under the Current Crisis'
10 March 2010 Costas Lapavitsas'After the Crisis: To Regulate Institutions or Systems?'
24 February 2010 Howard Stein'The Economic Crisis, G20 and the Re-'Empowerment
of the IMF and the World Bank'
17 February 2010 Stephanie Blankenburg'The Global Financial 'Crisis and its Aftermath: Debates on Public Debt'
20 January 2010 Geoff Harcourt'Post Keynesian Economic Policies for Modern Capitalism'
1 December 2009Philip Augar'Chasing Alpha: How Reckless Growth and 'Unchecked Ambition Ruined the City's Golden Decade'
17 November 2009Timothy Congdon'The Triumph of Quantitative Easing'
10 November 2009 Malcolm Sawyer'Restructuring the Financial Sector in View of the Current Crisis'
6 October 2009 James Galbraith'The Great Crisis and the Dismal Science'
19 May 2009Larry Elliott 'Capitalism in Crisis: the Crash of 2009'
20 April 2009Robert Wade 'The crisis as an opportunity to reorganize capitalism'
12 March 2009Malcolm Sawyer'(University of Leeds): Economic Policy After the Financial Crisis'
26 February 2009Terry Barker'Predictions of ‘Return to Normal’ in the Global Economy'
12 February 2009William Keegan'Fifty Years of Boom and Bust from Macmillan to the Credit Crunch'
20 January 2009Philip Arestis'Current Financial Crisis and Regulatory Implications '