Cambridge Political Economy Society

The Cambridge Political Economy Society, founded in the 1970s, aims to advance the education of the public in political economy and related matters, and to promote research in matters pertaining to political economy and to publish the useful results of such research. To this end the Society publishes the Cambridge Journal of Economics, the Cambridge Journal of Regions, Economy and Society and Contributions to Political Economy.

In 1985 the Society established a charitable Trust which works to further these aims by providing funding for a variety of projects. More information about the Trust and the types of funding it provides is available here.

Geoff Harcourt (1931-2021)   

The Cambridge Political Economy Society is saddened to report the recent death of Geoff Harcourt. Geoff was a valued member of the Society, serving as an Editor of the Cambridge Journal of Economics until his return to Australia in 2010 after which he continued to support the journal as an Associate Editor. He will be deeply missed. A full appreciation of Geoff’s life can be found on the Cambridge Economics Faculty website.

CJE Tribute to Frank Wilkinson

A tribute article acknowledging the lifetime contributions of Frank Wilkinson to social sciences in general and the Cambridge Journal of Economics in particular HERE.

CJE Issue 45.5 & Blog 

The Cambridge Journal of Economics has a special issue marking the centenary of the publication of two books: F.H. Knight’s Risk, Uncertainty and Profit, and J.M. Keynes’s A Treatise on Probability ( free to access for a short time).
Read more about the special issue and this topic in a blog by CJE Editor Jochen Runde:

Sponsored Events

CJE 2021 Conference
The Cambridge Journal of Economics held it’s conference on 7-9 September 2021, online. Further details of the conference and recordings of some of the presentations can be found on the CJE conference webpage.

CJRES Conference
The ninth CJRES conference hosted by the Cambridge Journal of Regions, Economy and Society will be held on Friday 16 September 2022. For further details about the conference CLICK HERE.

Cambridge Realist Workshops
Seminars take place on Mondays in the Cynthia Beerbower Room at Newnham College, Cambridge, on a fortnightly basis. The presentations start at 8:00 pm, with wine and other drinks served from 7:30pm. These workshops are currently on hold.
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St Catharine’s Political Economy Seminar Series
The St Catharine’s Political Economy Series Seminars are held on Wednesday evenings, during term time, with the theme of ‘Economics of Austerity’. The seminars are usually held in the Ramsden Room, St Catharine’s College, from 6.00-7.30 pm.  All are welcome to attend. These seminars are currently on hold.
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