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Digital Archive Copyrights

'International Contributions to Labour Studies' was published once a year between 1991 and 1997. The project was a collaboration between the CPES, the Higgins Labor Research Centre at the University of Notre Dame, and the Cambridge Journal of Economics. It was published by Academic Press as a supplement to the Cambridge Journal of Economics. All copyright was transferred to Oxford University Press when the Press began publishing the Cambridge Journal of Economics on behalf of the CPES. OUP have given their permission for these seven volumes to be included in the CPES Digital Archive.


Britain’s Economic Crisis’ was published as Spokesman Pamphlet number 44. The Spokesman Pamphlet series was published by the Bertrand Russell Peace Foundation for The Spokesman. Spokesman Books still make some of these pamphlets available but they have confirmed that they retain no rights to the pamphlet which is included here.


The ‘Cambridge Economic Policy Review’ was published by the Cambridge Economic Policy Group headed by Wynne Godley and Francis Cripps between 1975 and 1982. For early issues of the CEPR copyright remained with the individual authors who have been contacted to seek permission for inclusion of these volumes. The Faculty of Economics, to which DAE-held copyright has passed, has given permission for the relevant volumes (numbers 4 to 8) to be included. Later issues of the CEPR were published by Gower Publishing who have confirmed that they relinquiched all distribution rights when the publications went out of print.