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CPES Online Archive

The CPES Digital Archive is an online resource which provides access to key publications that are out of print and are not available in electronic form elsewhere.


Publications in this archive


International Contributions to Labour Studies
Published in 7 volumes between 1991 and 1997
Browse the volumes of ICLS

Britain's Economic Crisis
Published as Spokesman Pamphlet No.44 in 1974 and was written by the Cambridge Political Economy Group
Read the pamphlet

Cambridge Economic Policy Review
Published, between 1975 and 1982, by the Cambridge Economic Policy Group headed by Wynne Godley and Francis Cripps.
Read about the Cambridge Economic Policy Group
Browse the volumes of the Cambridge Economic Policy Review

Technical Manual on the CEPG Model
The first two editions, published in 1976 and 1977
Browse the editions of The Technical Manual

Prospects for Economic Management
Published as a series of connected papers between 1972 and 1974
Browse the collected papers