Global Crises, Mega Trends and Regional Development Conference Presentations

Some of the presenters have given their permission for their presentations from the conference to be made available however please note that presentations should not be quoted or copied without the express permission of the authors.

DAY ONE: Wednesday, 12 July 2023

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Professor Ron Martin – Welcome and introduction
>Session 1: Keynote Speaker
Chair: Judith Clifton

We have entered a new epoch…and in complex systems this is not always easy
to recognise
Professor Saskia Sassen
Session 2A:
Alternative perspectives on regional development
(McGrath Centre)
Chair: Robert Hassink
Squaring the doughnut: On the myths and realities of Amsterdam’s circular economy Matthew Thompson, Charlotte Cator, David Beel, Ian Rees Jones, Kevin Morgan & Martin Jones
Alternative conceptions of regional development in light of global crises and megatrends Emil Evenhuis
‘Overcoming the ‘metric trap’ in regional-economic studies by adopting a transformational diversity perspective Freek de Haan & Arnoud Lagendijk
Session 2B:
The impact of Covid-19
(Ramsden Room)
Chair: Betsy Donald
The impact of Brexit and Covid-19 on UK-EU trade – country and regional analysis Paweł Dobrzański, Sebastian Bobowski & Karenjit Clare
Rural areas as winners of the COVID19 pandemic? Digitalisation, working -from home and the internal migration of the highly qualified Rolf Sternberg, Louis Knüpling & Anne Otto
Economic Resilience and Regional Covid-19 Policies: Exploring Mitigation Strategies in the Netherlands Frank van Oort, Mark Thissen & Anet Wetering
Session 3A:
Innovation and Smart Technology
(McGrath Centre)
Chair: Meric Gertler
Arenas in the Regional Innovation Policy Mix David Waite, Graeme Roy, Stuart McIntyre  
China’s new labour mobility in the digital age: from manufacturing to platform work

Chun/Charlotte Yang & Pu Hao  
Global Digital Networks Matthew Zook & Michael Grote  
Session 3B:
Green Economy and Energy Transformation
(Ramsden Room)
Chair: Peter Sunley
Socio-economic implications of green transformation in traditional industries of advanced economies: a comparative study of Japan’s and Germany’s automotive sectors Anna Dzienis & Katarzyna Kamińska  
Understanding the role of oil and gas companies in the current sustainability trends. An application of the sustainable business model archetypes Jaime Menéndez-Sánchez, Jorge Fernández-Gómez & Andrés Araujo  
Regional Diversification: Sustainable Evolution vs. Rollercoaster Development Dieter Kogler, Changjun Lee, Keungoui Kim, Myungjin Oh  
Session 4: Climate change, the Environment and Sustainability – What should the future look like?
Amy Glasmeier

University leadership in the climate crisis: seizing the opportunity
Professor Meric Gertler

DAY TWO: Thursday, 12 July 2023

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Session 5: Keynote speaker
Chair: Professor Ron Martin
‘The right kind of growth for everyone: policy challenges during the digital and green transformations’
Professor Dame Diane Coyle
Session 6A:
Industry Supply Chains
(McGrath Centre)
Chair: Dieter Kogler
GVCs and income inequality Martina Pardy and Eduardo Rodriguez  
The great re-balancing and its impact on relocation and innovation strategies of multinational enterprises in Europe: Evidence from Danish micro data
The great re-balancing and its impact on relocation and innovation strategies of multinational enterprises in Europe: Evidence from Danish micro data
Timo Mitze & Torben Dall Schmidt  
Vertical integration and patterns of divergence in European industries: A long term input-output analysis Fabio Ascione & Maria Enrica Virgillitor
Session 6B:
The Circular Economy
(Ramsden Room)
Chair: Emil Evenhuis
The spatial perspective of circular economy (CE): an evidence from the mobilisation of territorial resources in the implementation of local CE projects.  Sébastien Bourdin  
Challenges to a circular economy in construction minerals Practices in the Greater Oslo region Bjørnar Sæther  
Atmanirbhar Bharat – India’s Approach to the Circular Economy Pratiksha Ashok
Session 7: Levelling up
Chair: Mia Gray
The Way You Look at Me. Improving local measures of left-behind groups and inequality in times of turmoil. Daria Denti, Paola Proietti, Alice Siragusa, Iraklis Stamos
Losing Ground? A long-term comparative analysis of shifting middle-class dynamics in canada’s urban system Niall Harney & Sébastien Breau
Levelling Up ‘left behind’ Redcar & Cleveland in Northeast England  Luke Telford & Jonathan Wistow
Session 8:
Closing Panel discussion : Reflections and future research

Panel discussion
Speakers include:
Ron Martin, Judith Clifton, Peter Sunley Amy Glasmeier
Conference closes