Presentations from The Regions, Economy and Society in the Post-Covid World Conference

The Regions Economy and Society in the Post Covid World conference took place on 17 September 2021 and was hosted by The Cambridge Journal of Regions, Economy and Society This was a free one day online conference.

Below are the presentations from the conference from the presenters who have given their permission for them to be made available for wider viewing. However please note that presentation content should not be quoted or copied without the express permission of the authors.

Friday, 17 September 2021
Welcoming Remarks from Peter Tyler

Session 1 
Theme: Impact on cities as places for service based activity

Chair: Li Wan

Title Presenter (s) Presentation & Paper
Post-Covid Cities: Continuities, Accelerated Changes, Multi-locational Work and the Stretching of Urban Value Chains Lauren Andres  
‘The future of the workspace? Emerging trends in office markets in the post-Covid city’ Stefania Fiorentino & Nicola Livingstone  
‘Commercial Property Space under COVID-19 and the Implications on Future Cities’ Yijia Wen  
Planning for Resilient Central-City Shopping Districts through the Lens
of Adaptive Resilience: The Hoddle Grid in Melbourne, Australia
Fujie Rao  
Urban-regional disparities in mental health signals in Australia during the COVID-19 pandemic: a study via Twitter data and machine learning models Siqin Wang  

Session 2
Theme: Impact on mobility and travel flows

Chair: Mike Batty

Title Presenter (s) Presentation & Paper
Mobility, Environment, and Inequalities in the Post-COVID City Germà Bel  
Isolation and Exclusion in a Social-Distancing Covid World Rosalind Martin  
‘Inside Out: Human Mobility Big Data Shows How COVID-19 Changed the Urban Network Structure in the Seoul Metropolitan Area’ Young-Long Kim  
The impact of COVID-19 on the travel behaviour and urban flow structure from the perspective of bike-sharing

Qiumeng Li  

Session 3
COVID-19 vaccines: A geographic, policy, and social view of vaccine efforts on the path toward the post-COVID-19 era
Isaac Bogoch, UHN Research
Chair: Betsy Donald

Session 4
Theme: Theme:: Post Covid World: Implications for the Welfare State

Chair: Mia Gray

Title Presenter (s) Presentation & Paper
Anticipating UK spatial policy, post-COVID: accelerating division, not levelling up Alan Harding  
The Coming ‘Crisis’ of COVID Keynesianism Valentina Ausserladscheider, Matthew Sparkes & James Wood  
Impacts and Implications for the Post-Covid City: The Case of Toronto Shauna Brail  
Expanding the US Welfare State: The COVID-19 Pandemic as a Window of Opportunity’ Daniel Béland & Mariely Lopez-Santana  
Central banks, crises, and uneven development: Lessons from Canada’s housing market during the COVID crisis’ Emily Rosenman  

Session 5
Theme: Theme: Other insights
Judith Clifton 

Title Presenter (s) Presentation & Paper
Pandemic polycentricity? Mobility and migration patterns over the course of the COVID-19 pandemic Laura Schmahmann  
Innovation and the City: Complexity and the Fallout from the COVID-19 Pandemic Robert Huggins  
The Extra-legal City in Post-Covid Global South Promise Frank Ejiofor  
Post-COVID Cities and Economic Freedom Matteo Migheli  
Covid Keynesianism – evaluating how inequality is spatially configured Gary Dymski & Johnna Montgomerie  

Conference Closing Remarks by Ron Martin