CJE 2021 Conference Presentations

The Cambridge Journal of Economics 2021 online conference, held on the afternoons 7-9 September 2021.

Below are the presentations from the conference from the presenters who have given their permission for them to be made available for wider viewing. However please note that presentation content should not be quoted or copied without the express permission of the authors.

DAY ONE: Tuesday, 7 September 2021

Welcome and Opening Remarks by Stephen Pratten, Co-Editor Cambridge Journal of Economics

Session 1 – Keynote Speakers
Chair: Stephen Pratten

Title Presenter (s) Presentation & Paper

What can Covid19 teach us about inequality? Taking a feminist perspective on the household

Johnna Montgomerie, King’s College London  
The Illusion of the Economic: Why We Need to Replace Economics Patrick Murray, Creighton University  

Parallel Session 2A – Industrial Organisation, Strategy & Development
Chair: Sue Konzelmann

Title Presenter(s) Presentation & Paper
Government Policy to Support Innovative Enterprise in an Industrial Ecosystem Antonio Andreoni & William Lazonick  
Selection environment and diversified business groups: capability building process of local firms in Ethiopia’s floriculture export sector Lindsay Whitfield  
Identity Digitisation, Information Governance And Institutional Frameworks Meenakshi Sinha  

Parallel Session 2B – Philosophy & Methodology
Chair: Yannick Slade-Caffarel

Title Presenter Presentation & Paper
Economics as a socially-relevant discipline: Uncovering Barbara Wootton’s contributions to the methodology of economics Carolina Alves & Danielle Guizzo  
Schumpeter’s bridging of economics, sociology, psychology, and biology for insights into economic and societal change Janne Kurtakko
Keynes and the Cambridge Revolt against Formalism Bill Gerrard  

Parallel Session 3A – Economic History / History of Economic Thought
Chair: Nuno Martins

Title Presenter (s) Presentation & Paper
Full Employment as a condition of crisis: Kalecki’s critique to Keynes and the Fabians (1942-1945) Roberto Lampa  
Capitalism, Nature and the Liberal Tradition Brian O’ Boyle  
Relationship between political economy, surplus approach and economic anthropology and archaeology Sergio Cesaratto  

Parallel Session 3B – Gender, Employment & Job Quality /Feminist Economics
Chair: Sheila Dow

Title Presenter (s) Presentation & Paper

Boss Babes and Predatory Optimism: Neoliberalism, Gender, and Multi-level Marketing Schemes

William Waller   
Diversity of Informal Sector Jobs: over time examination of occupations and wages in Turkey Anil Duman   

DAY TWO: Wednesday 8 September 2021

Parallel Session 4A – Monetary Theory & Institutions
Chair: Jamie Morgan

Title Presenter (s) Presentation & Paper

New monies and the state theory of money

Domenica Tropeano  
The Neutrality of Money and the Theory of International Trade: Thornton and Ricardo Isabella Weber  
Shareholder Value or Public Purpose? From John Maynard Keynes and Adolf Berle to the Modern Debate Sue Konzelmann  
Hysteresis, Long-term Unemployment and Inflation: Reconsidering the New Keynesian Hypothesis Davide Romaniello & Antonella Stirati  

Parallel Session 4B – Post- Keynesian Macroeconomics
Chair: Alan Shipman

Title Presenter (s) Presentation & Paper
Godley’s Dynamic Ratios

Graeme Smith

The degree of utilization and the slow adjustment of capacity to demand: reflections on the US Economy from the perspective of the Sraffian Supermultiplier Guilherme Haluska  
Revisiting deindustrialization and the role of structural heterogeneity: a global analysis for the period 1993-2018 Eliane Araujo  
Green New Deal, consumption patterns and the ecological transition: a macroeconomic analysis Antoine Monserand & Maria Nikolaidi  

Parallel Session 5A – Social Ontology
Chair: Clive Lawson

Title Presenter (s) Presentation & Paper
Cambridge Social Ontology and the Reconstruction of Economic Theory Nuno Martins  
Rights and Obligations in Cambridge Social Ontology Yannick Slade-Caffarel  
The Ontology of Intersubjective Need and Its Implications for Heterodox Economics Toru Yamamori  

Parallel Session 5B – Economic Growth and Development
Chair: Michael Landesmann

Title Presenter (s) Presentation & Paper
Demand, Innovation and Research Intensity Across Sectors João Romero  
Liquidity cycles and the effects of Real Exchange Rate changes on long-run economic growth Danilo Spinola  
The Process of Real Capital Formation: Bridging Hyman Minsky and Adolph Lowe Michael Murray  

DAY THREE: Thursday 9 September 2021
Parallel Session 6A – Financialisation & De-financialisation
Chair: Jan Toporowski

Title Presenter (s) Presentation & Paper
Minsky for today: debt shift and macrofinancial resilience Dirk Bezemer  
Futures of capitalism: Continued financialisation or definancialisation? Catherine Macaulay  
The Codetermination and Financialization Nexus – Research on European Firms Emre Gömeç   
Uneven development in growth models of Keynesian inspiration Victor Dotta  

Parallel Session 6B – Inequality/Poverty
Chair: Stephen Pratten

Title Presenter (s) Presentation & Paper
Conciliatory intentions, antagonistic results: class structure in Argentia and Brazil during the ‘Pink Tide’ Fernando Rugitsky & Pedro Mendes Loureiro  
Is financialisation of everyday life different in developing and emerging economies? A mixed-method study of financial inclusion in Brazil Thereza Balliester Reis  
Debt-led growth and its financial fragility: an investigation into the dynamics of a supermultiplier model Joana David Avritzer  
Cultures of Inequality: Financialization, Labour and Social Finance Elisabetta Magnani  

Session 7 – ‘Economic growth and environmental sustainability’
Chair: Jonathan Aldred
Round table discussion
Participants: Michael Jacobs, Christine Oughton & Molly Scott Cato

Closing Remarks by Sue Konzelmann, Co-Editor Cambridge Journal of Economics