Back on the Agenda? Industrial Policy revisited Conference Presentations & Audio

Back on the Agenda? Industrial Policy revisited Conference Programme

Some of the presenters have given their permission for their presentations from the conference to be made available however please note that presentations should not be quoted or copied without the express permission of the authors.

DAY ONE: Thursday, 12 July 2018

Presentation Title Presenter
Session 1: Session 1: Setting the scene: The role of industrial policy in addressing societal challenges
Chair: Linda Lobao
Sector-targeting policies for national competitiveness: exploring democratic tensions with ‘place David Bailey, Dan Coffey, Maria Gavris and Carole Thornley
‘The Public Animateur: Mission-led Innovation and the Smart State in Europeevin_Morgan’ Kevin Morgan
Life Sciences Policy in Massachusetts Amy Glasmeier
A Production Revolution in the Making: How Industrial Policies are Building New Industrial Ecosystems in the OECD Countries Antonio Andreoni and Ha-Joon Chang
Session 2: Developing place-based industrial policies
Chair: Emil Evenhuis
‘Innovation Policy and Place: A Critical Assessment’ Michael Kitson
‘Devolution, Disinvestment and Uneven Development: Patterns and Practices of US Industrial Policy’ Marc Doussard and Jennifer Clark
‘Industrial Policy in China. The Interplay between Planning, Policy and Global Interests’ Elisa Barbieri, Marco R. Di Tommaso, Chiara Pollio and Lauretta Rubini
‘Industrial Policy for Europe’s Peripheries Antonio Andreoni and Michael Landesmann
Industrial Policy as Place Based Experiment Julie Froud, Sukhdev Johal and Karel Williams
Session 3A: Developing place-based industrial policies (2) (The case of the United Kingdom)
Chair: Janelle Knox-Hayes
Industrial Strategy and the Regions: the UK Government’s Flawed Approach Peter Wells, Steve Fothergill and Tony Gore
‘Do Enterprise Zones have a Role to Play in Delivering A Place Based Industrial Strategy?’ Chris Hooton and Pete Tyler
‘Comparing the Pathways of Five British Cities: Lessons for Local Industrial Strategies’ Emil Evenhuis, David Bailey, Andy Pike, Peter Sunley and Pete Tyler
The Imperial Treasury: Appraisal Methodology and Regional Economic Performance in the UK’ Diane Coyle and Marianne Sensier
Session 3B: How can Smart Specialisation inform effective industrial policies?
Chair: Dieter Kogler
‘Enhancing Innovative Capabilities in Peripheral Regions: An Extra-Regional Collaborative Approach to RIS3 Sandrine Labory, Philip R. Tomlinson, Mariachiara Barzotto, Carlo Corradini, and Felicia Fai
‘Reconsidering Smart Specialization Policy Ron Boschma
‘The Role of Smart Specialisation for Regional Economic Resilience Stefania Oliva, Luciana Lazzeretti and Niccolò Innocenti
The Evolution of the UK Knowledge Space: Insights for Smart Diversification Strategies Dieter Kogler
Session 4: Panel discussion on place-based industrial policies and balanced growth
Chair: Pete Tyler
Panel discussion on: “What role for place-based industrial policies to achieve more balanced growth?”
With: Ron Martin (University of Cambridge), Diane Coyle (University of Cambridge), Jonathan Potter (OECD), Alan Harding (Greater Manchester Combined Authority), Kevin Cox (Ohio State University)

DAY TWO: Friday, 13 July 2018

Session 5: Enhancing competitiveness through industrial policy
Chair: Phil Tomlinson
‘The Impact of Clustering on Manufacturing Total Factor Productivity in Great Britain, 1984-2014’ Richard Harris, John Moffat, Peter Sunley, Emil Evenhuis, Ron Martin and Andy Pike
Augmenting Competitiveness with High-road Industrial Policy: Different Perspectives from Asian Middle-income Countries’ Kritsada Patluang
Industrial Policy Beyond Growth: A Preface to the Oil Cities of the Future’Reconsidering Smart Specialization Policy’ Franklin Obeng-Odoom
Are Dated Conceptions of ‘Industries’ a Blockage to Effective IP Formulation? A Case Study of Steel, Cars, Energy and Digitalisation Dan Coffey, Ian Greenwood and Carole Thornley
Session 6: How can industrial policy foster innovation?
Chair: David Bailey
‘A Developmental Network City? Innovation Communities, Districts and Policy in New York City Michael Indergaard
Whose Specialisation is Smarter? A Comparison of Tesla’s Silicon Valley and Jaguar Land Rover’s West Midlands Karen Chapple and Clara Turner
Cross-Specialization: A Rationale and Policy Options for Linking Unrelated Industries Matthijs J. Janssen and Koen Frenken
‘Can Industrial Policy Pick Winning Technologies? The Case of Renewable Energy in OECD Countries’ Chris Pitelis, Nicholas Vasilakos, Alkis Pitelis, and Konstantinos Chalvatzis
‘Ten Principles for Designing an Industrial Strategy at the Local Level’ Andrew Carter
Session 7: How can Industry 4.0 and Entrepreneurial Ecosystems inform effective industrial policies?
Chair: Phil Tomlinson
‘Why is the Territorial Level the Most Appropriate for Industrial Policy in the Fourth Industrial Revolution?’ Sandrine Labory and Patrizio Bianchi
Industrial Policy steering the Fourth Industrial Revolution: Insights from German ”Mittelstand 4.0” Competence Centers Elena Prodi
An Unbridgeable Divide? Policy for Manufacturing and Making in US cities Laura Wolf-Powers and Greg Schrock
‘Beyond ‘Industry 4.0’? Implications for Industrial Policy’ David Bailey and Lisa de Propris
Session 8: Closing panel discussion on lessons learnt from conference
Chair: Peter Sunley
Panel discussion on Lessons Learnt from Conference
With the Editors of the Journal-issue on ‘Back on the Agenda? Industrial Policy Revisited’: David Bailey (Aston University), Phil Tomlinson (University of Bath), and Amy Glasmeier (MIT)