Rethinking the Political Economy of Place Conference – Presentations & Audio

Some of the presenters have given their permission for their presentations from the conference to be made available however please note that presentations should not be quoted or copied without the express permission of the authors.

DAY ONE: Thursday, 11 July 2019

Presentation Title Presenter Audio File
Session 1: Setting the Scene: ‘Placing’ the Challenges of Capitalism in
Early 21st Century
Emil Evenhuis
Ron Martin – Welcome and introduction  
‘‘The Impact of British Austerity on Left Behind Places.’ Mia Gray  
The Uneven Impact of Welfare Reform on Left Behind Britain Christina Beatty  
‘Regenerating Left behind Places: Lessons from the Past’ Pete Tyler  
Session 2A:
Dynamics of Uneven Development
(McGrath Centre)
Mia Gray
Thinking about the Political Economy of Places whose Roles got Left Behind ‐ A Good While ago Ian Gordon  
‘‘Uneven Geographies of Economic Recovery and the Stickiness of Individual Economic Disadvantage’ Vassilis Monastiriotis, Ian R. Gordon and Ioannis Laliotis  
Faith no More? The Divergence of Political Trust between Urban and Rural Europe Neil Lee, Frieder Mitsch and Liz Morrow  
Session 2B:
Thinking about the Political Economy of Place (Ramsden Room)
Amy Glasmeier
‘The Costs, Benefits and Characteristics of Place: From Economics to Political Economy’ Philip McCann and Raquel Ortega‐Argilés  
A Foundational Economy Approach to Place

Julie Froud, Luca Calafati, Jill Ebrey, Colin Haslam, Sukhdev Johal and Karel Williams  
‘The Political Economy of Places: a Sustainable Human Development Perspective’ Mario Biggeri and Andrea Ferrannini  
Session 3A:
Inequalities and Inclusive Growth within Cities
Peter Sunley
‘Uneven Growth and Spatial Patterns of Deprivation in English cities: What do We Know?’ Ceri Hughes and Ruth Lupton  
‘Unlocking Inclusive Growth: Linking Assets to Anchor Institutions’ Anne Green, Peter Lee, Sara Hassan and Conrad Parke  
‘Economic Development Initiatives that worsen Inequalities: The Case of Songdo Free Economic Zone in Incheon’ Namji Jung  
Session 3B: Implementing Inclusive Growth across Nations
Harry Garretsen
False Divides: The Re-emergence of the Inclusive Growth Agenda in Scotland Linda Christie, David Waite and Duncan Maclennan  
‘From Inclusive Innovation to Inclusive Growth?: The Political Economy of the Innovation District Concept’ Fumi Kitagawa  
‘Remodelling Greater Manchester: Reconciling Inclusive Growth with Agglomerationist Thinking’ Graham Haughton, Iain Deas and Kevin Ward  
The Resilience Scorecard: Assessing Regional Economic Resilience for the Implementation of Local Industrial Strategies Marianne Sensier and Fiona Devine  
Session 4: The Role of Industry and Inclusive Growth
Pete Tyler
Global Monopoly, Finance, and Regional Disparities (or, the Geography of Clinton’s Tone-deafness Maryann Feldman, Frederick Guy and Simona Iammarino  
The Measurement of Local Productivity Steve Fothergill and Christina Beatty  
Reducing Spatial Imbalance? The Changing Geography of Advanced Manufacturing in Britain Peter Sunley and Emil Evenhuis  

DAY TWO: Friday, 12 July 2019

Presentation Title Presenter Audio File
Session 5: Innovation and Productivity
Chair: Emil Evenhuis
The Effect of Regional Capacity in Knowledge Recombination on Technical Progress and Productivity Dieter F. Kogler and Changjun Lee  
Diversifying in Green Technologies in European Regions: Does Political Support Matter? Ron Boschma and Artur Santoalha  
‘Divergence and Disruptive Innovation: A Long-run View’ Tom Kemeny, Sergio Petralia and Michael Storper  
Session 6A: Productivity and Labour Market Dynamics
Chair: Michael Kitson
Britain’s Older Industrial Towns since the Recession  Steve Fothergill  
Shifting Regional Labour Market Dynamics: Opportunities for Delivering Inclusive Productivity Growth Leaza McSorley  
Labour Market Polarization as a Localized Process Martin Henning  
Session 6B: Places within International Networks (1)
Judith Clifton
The Exogenous/Endogenous Nexus of Place: Early Impacts of Foreign Corporations’ Brexit Mediation Strategies on Place Crispian Fuller  
UK Regions in the Network of Global Value Chains Bart Los and Pieter IJtsma  
‘Connecting Places, Improving Standards: South African Labour’s Role in Regulating Labour Standards in Wine Global Production’  Thomas Hastings  
‘Spatial Analysis Of Determinants Of Chinese Outward Foreign Direct Investment In The United States’ Lisa He and Mia Bennett  
Session 7A: Territorial Governance and
Place-based Development
Neil Lee
‘Varieties of Space Economy Kevin Cox  
Crowding Out Development: Does Decentralization Undermine Inclusive Growth? Yuanshuo Xu and Mildred Warner  
‘The Political Economy of Place-based Development in England’ Nicholas Gray  
Decentralisation Policy in Indonesia: Between Economic Necessity and Political Reality Dilemma’ Dzulfian Syafrian  
Session 7B: Places within International Networks (2)
Ron Martin
‘Trade Liberalisation and Food Insecurity among the World’s Poorest Households’ Pepita Barlow, Aaron Reeves, Rachel Loopstra and Valerie Tarasuk  
‘Development Assistance and Industrial Policy: Towards a New Paradigm?’  Joao Luis Paiva da Silva  
‘Coworking Spaces and Practices across British Regions: Challenges of Production, Networking and Inclusion for the Self-employed’ Darja Reuschke, Jed Long and Nick Clifton  
‘An Examination of the Political Economy of Socioeconomic Mobility in Chile’ Joseph Assan and Elizabeth Rivera Gomez  
Session 8: Closing panel discussion on Lessons Learnt from Conference
: Mia Gray
Panel discussion on Lessons Learnt from the Conference with the Editors of the Journal’s Special Issue on ‘Rethinking the Political Economy of Place: Challenges of Productivity, Inclusion and Power’: Ron Martin (University of Cambridge), Pete Tyler (University of Cambridge), Emil Evenhuis (University of Southampton) and Neil Lee (LSE)